Who are you?

  1. Visitor interested in demo version.
  2. Registered user (customer).
  3. Developer of plug-in modules.

1) Visitor interested in demo version

ELLIPSE demo version has all functions of the full version, but it can be tested only on a limited set of registered images. Filling in the following form enables download (no personal information is required, e-mail is not obligatory).

If you want to test Ellipse demo with your own images, send them as an e-mail attachment to You will get back a "key" file which makes your images acceptable for Ellipse demo.

Name (nickname):

2) Registered user

Two important codes are written either in the License document or printed on the cover of CD:

  1. Authorization code for Internet access (looking something like "d207f85") is specific for user and for Ellipse version. Within upgrade period, registered users can get the new authorisation code (on e-mail request sent to
  2. Serial number required during installation.

Uninstalling of the old Ellipse version is recommended before upgrade. Installation is straightforward - just fill in the form bellow, download and unzip installation file. Run Setup.exe file and enter the serial number when prompted.

Authorization code:
Name of user:

Ellipse 2.08

Licensed users have also a possibility to download previous version of Ellipse (version 2.07).

3) Developer of plug-in modules

Registered developers can download SDK, examples source codes and Plugin Wizard allowing to design own Ellipse plugin modules. Any licensed Ellipse user can contact us via e-mail to be registered also as a developer. We will make his user's authorization code valid also for downloads of SDK and Plugin Wizard. Before contacting us you should have:

  1. Latest licensed Ellipse version  installed.
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 (or compatible) and experience with C++ programming.

After contacting us and receiving your authorization code, fill in the form bellow. Download both SDK and Plugin Wizard. It is recommended to put unzipped SDK directory into the ELLIPSE working directory, that means SDK directory and Ellipse.exe should be in the same folder. For instance, if the file Ellipse.exe is installed in "C:/Program Files/Ellipse", then the "solution" file path is: "C:/Program Files/Ellipse/SDK/Ellipse/Ellipse.sln". The recommended folder for PluginWizzard.exe is the Ellipse working directory, too.

The communication between ELLIPSE and Plug-in module is based on a defined interface (PluginInterface), which simplifies the design of module. This interface along with simple examples is documented in programmers manual (currently in Slovak language only ).

Starting with version 2.08, ELLIPSE is supplied with OpenCV libraries containing hundreds of functions for image processing and computer vision.

Authorization code:
Name (nickname) of user: