External microscope focusing unit MFU-2

Volume analysis requires optical sections - series of images captured from the different depth of focus. Confocal microscope which allows such acquisition is relatively expensive. A cheaper alternative, still sufficient for some applications, represents motorized focusing unit permanently mounted to the fine focus wheel. Our external focusing unit allows easy non-invasive connection/disconnection to most of standard optical microscopes. Adjustable X and Z position and replaceable focus wheel adapter makes MFU-2 very versatile.

SOFTWARE for image series acquisition is universal too. Synchronization of stepper motor with existing camera is normally a big problem because most of cameras have own software to control acquisition. We exploited a trick - instead of trying to control external camera directly, our software simulates mouse which "clicks" a camera software button or icon (usually labeled as "CAPTURE", "ACQUIRE" "GET PICTURE" or something like this). The only thing the user should do is to move a small target-like window "above" the corresponding button/icon of external image acquisition software. Control software exists in two versions - as Ellipse plug-in module and as an independent windows application. Both versions are supplied with MFU-2 hardware.